Teravito is one of the most active Drum & Bass DJs in Barcelona. He is part of Teuf Kulture, the crew that has taken over the DNB Thursdays in the city. He is also a co-founding member of DNB Meeting Point, a streaming platform that brings together renowned local and international producers, with emerging talents. He is also an active member of SUBconscious crew.

Teravito decided to start his DJ career in 2009 inspired by Barcelona's underground scene. His experience as a guitarist in a Thrash Metal band and as a percussionist, along with his affinity for Reggae music and the Sound System culture, quickly made Drum & Bass become his favorite music genre.

Since then Teravito has performed in festivals, clubs and parades all around Spain, UK, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, and Lithuania. He shared stage with DJs such as Black Sun Empire, Randall, Serum, Calibre, Spectrasoul, LSB, 1991, Deekline, Ed Solo, Serial Killaz, Revaux, ZeroZero, Deadline... and MC's like DRS, General Levy, Fava, Mota, Kryptomedic and many more!

Influenced by artists like Break and S.P.Y, among many others, his mixing style has gained a technical and energetic character. In his musical repertoire abound the Rollers of many kinds.

2015 ► For the first time, Teravito started to get involved in the event organization business. He created a weekly night called LSThursdays at Dread Zone Club in which he was also the resident DJ.

2016 ► Teravito became (and still is) the resident DJ of the weekly night D&B Thursdays at Plataforma, a club recognized for his underground music events in Barcelona for many years. Later on that year the crew Teuf Kulture decided to invite him as one of the organizers of the event.

2017 ► Teravito started a music platform called DNB Meeting Point together with Basic Elements, with the purpose of spreading their love for DNB around the world using streamings, charts, reviews, guest mixes, etc.

2018 ► Teravito decided to organize his own tour around Europe, in 7 months he performed at 50 events in 5 different countries. And also this year Teravito joined another crew called SUBconscious.

2019 ► For him, one among some other plans for 2019 is to build a home studio to get back into music production.

All this years of hard work as a DJ gave Teravito the ability to drive people’s attention towards the night in a interesting way. His experience, his selection and his deep technical knowledge won’t let you half-hearted. So work hard, follow your dreams, and follow Teravito!