Nil Marty was born in Barcelona in 1992. From a very young age he showed an above average curiosity for music. This interest was born due to his father’s passion for music bands like The Beatles or Pink Floyd.

As an adolescence he discovered the electronic music and when he was just 15 years old he got his first DJ control. Four years later, under the nickname Dil Kashmir, he started his professional career as a DJ in Barcelona.

In just five years Dil Kashmir has participated in some of the most important electronic festivals in Catalonia, like The End of The World, Montagood, Montacore, Tramunfest, ADM Festival and Munay, and has played his music in some of the most important nightclubs in Barcelona, like Razzmatazz.He has also participated in some international festivals, like bulgarian festival Balkan Station.

But Dil Kashmir, in his aim to make all the city to dance to the rythm of Drum & Bass music, his favorite musical genre, he created in 2013 Teuf Kulture Barcelona and he organises parties with international artists in some of the most emblematic clubs in Barcelona and sorroundings, like KGB, Sala Becool, Upload, Razzmatazz, Sala Plataforma or Mama Mandawa.